Graphite Tube Furnace - HTRH-GR

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Custom designed manually controlled horizontal graphite heating and insulated tube furnace up to 2200 °C, with integral compact frame including the gas and water supply, and separate temperature controller cabinet

With the adjustable stand option, the Carbolite Gero graphite tube furnace range up to 2600 °C can be used at various angles, ranging from horizontal to vertical.

This range of cold wall tube furnaces is heated by graphite elements and insulated by graphite felt. At higher temperatures above 400 to 600 °C graphite is air sensitive and needs to be kept under either an inert gas or vacuum atmosphere. To maintain an oxygen free environment, the tube furnace is contained within in a water-cooled vacuum tight vessel sealed with rubber O-rings, which needs to be evacuated and purged with inert gas prior to heating.

The thermal conductivity of graphite felt insulation is very low making it an excellent material for furnace insulation. The thickness and quality of the insulation materials are specifically chosen depending on the maximum operating temperature of the tube furnace.

Štandardná výbava

  • 2200, 2400 or 2600 °C maximum operating temperature
  • Graphite heating and insulation
  • Heated length of 260 mm
  • Semi-automatic control with Siemens KP 300 panel
  • Eurotherm 3508P1 programmer
  • Pyrometer for temperature measurement
  • Automatic gas valves with manual flowmeter for one inert gas
  • Single stage rotary vane pump
  • Water cooled vessel (cooling water provided by customer)
  • Ochrana proti prehriatiu
  • Leakage rate (clean, cold, dry and empty) < 5 x 10-3 mbar l/s
  • Closed flanges during heat treatment mandatory

Možnosti (uveďte pri objednávke)

  • Full automated control by Siemens PLC S7-300
  • Control panel TP1900 or WinCC for PLC
  • Further inert gas controls (manual or automated)
  • Double stage rotary and turbo pumps
  • Adjustable angle stand
  • Sliding thermocouple for accurate temperature control under 1500 °C
  • Reference pyrometer (only with PLC)
  • Water cooling chiller (if cooling water is not available)
  • Special flanges with inert gas counter flow for open operation during heat treatment

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