301 Štandardné regulátory



The 301 PID furnace controller has a large display mounted behind a smooth wipe-clean membrane and offers a single ramp to set point.

It includes a 99 hour process timer which can be programmed for a timed delay at the start of the process or used as a countdown timer.

Štandardná výbava

  • The standard controller fitted to the majority of laboratory furnaces and ovens
  • Precise PID (proportional integral derivative) control
  • Large clear illuminated display of the temperature
  • The controller is covered by smooth easy to clean membrane panel

Možnosti (uveďte pri objednávke)

  • Optional over-temperature protection with a variable set point to protect either the furnace or load; selection of this option provides an additional independent thermocouple and protection circuit
  • RS232 communications, permitting a single controller to communicate with a PC

Technical details

The 301 furnace controller provides precise PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) control meaning that ramp rates and set points are very closely followed.

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