High temperature horizontal tube furnace - HTRH



The Carbolite Gero high temperature tube furnace range HTRH may be operated in a horizontal position up to 1800 °C.

The high-grade insulation materials consist of vacuum formed fibre that guarantees low energy consumption and high heating rates due to their low thermal conductivity. The insulation and molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heating elements are installed in a rectangular housing. The heating elements are installed in a vertical, hanging position and can be replaced easily.

At higher temperatures and in the presence of Oxygen, MoSi2 develops an oxide (SiO2) layer, which protects the heating elements against further thermal or chemical corrosion.

For an even better temperature uniformity the HTRH high temperature tube furnace range is available in 3-zone versions (HTRH-3). In this case each zone is equipped with a dedicated thermocouple and controller, which is especially useful to preheat gases required for reactions inside the system.

The HTRH tube furnaces do not include an integral work tube. The work tube must be selected as an additional item. The work tube length is dependent on the application and will vary if used with or without modified atmosphere or vacuum. With its wide range of accessories, the comprehensive HTRH series provides complete solutions for ambitious thermal treatment in the high temperature range.

Príklady aplikácií

annealing, calcination, CIM, coating, CVD, katalyzátorový výskum, letovanie, malý reaktor, MIM, odplyňovanie, pyrolýza, soldering, spekanie, starnutie, sušenie, sublimácia, syntéza, temperovanie, test fuel cells, thermocouple calibration, vytvrdzovanie

Štandardná výbava

  • Available with 1 - 3 heating zones
  • Exceptional long-term stability
  • Vacuum equipment available
  • Inert and reactive gas equipment available
  • High grade thermocouple type B
  • Low thermal mass ceramic fibre insulation
  • High quality MoSi2 heating elements in a vertical, hanging position
  • Rectangular housing with holes for convection cooling

Možnosti (uveďte pri objednávke)

  • Cascade control
  • Ochrana proti prehriatiu (odporúčame najmä pre ochranu vzácnych materiálov a pri bezobslužnej prevádzke)
  • Dostupná je široká rada digitálnych regulátorov, multi segmentových programátorov a ústrední. Tieto pece môžu byť vybavené komunikačným rozhraním RS232, RS485 alebo Ethernetom
  • May be modified to a special tube furnace version with Hydrogen atmosphere (HTRH-H2)

Technical details

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  1. outer case
  2. ceramic fibre end insulation
  3. ceramic fibre case insulation
  4. heating elements
  5. ceramic fibre inner insulation

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